Thursday, April 12, 2007

How To Get Ideas and Inspiration

People often tell me, “You’re so creative!” as if they are not. But EVERYONE can use this simple technique. In fact, try it out and let me know what happens...

  1. Set TIME (at least 15 minutes) to be still and quiet
  2. Write down EVERY idea that comes to mind
  3. ACT on the ideas, one by one
  4. Remove worry and doubt—concentrate on the FINAL outcome of what you desire
  5. Remember to GIVE THANKS for every idea that comes to you!

    I have noticed one more element not on the list above. It’s this:

Once you decide what it is you want or how to do something, you simply put it out “there” (into the universe, space, or whatever you want to call it) and then gently let it go.

The answer or idea may come to you in a split second or it may take longer, even a day or two or more. But the idea will come. Recognize it when it comes and give thanks for it!

Happy creating!

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